Why seek help?

Connecting to your feelings is essential to your happiness and ability to maintain relationships. However, when you experience negative feelings, you may feel discomfort, shame or guilt. As a result, you may avoid experiencing them by using defenses such as avoidance, self-criticism or denial. However, the longer you avoid exploring painful thoughts and feelings, the more likely you are to experience debilitating anxiety or depression. Rather than avoiding let’s work together to identify and explore what is bothering you so you can find clarity and relief. 

What should I expect?

I am an active therapist who not only listens but also helps you make sense of what is going on.  During our initial sessions, we’ll discuss your symptoms, triggers and their causes. Initially, we will meet weekly so we can both understand what is happening to you at a deep level, establish goals and a plan. I invite you to share your thoughts openly and experience feelings in session rather than solely discussing these in an intellectual or detached manner. I also invite you to pay attention to how your body feels as you describe a situation to help increase self-awareness. I am a believer in setting boundaries at work and relationships for good self-care. Therefore, I will encourage and challenge you to establish boundaries and make healthy choices.

Success of therapy depends mainly on these factors:

  • The quality of the relationship between you and your therapist (therapeutic alliance).
  • Your ability to be open about your thoughts and feelings.
  • Your ability to commit to your therapy and consistent attendance.